how it works?

Step 1


Buy in the Chinese marketplace of your choice and send your products to our warehouse in Shenzhen.

Step 2


Send us the tracking number of your packages to be able to receive them correctly in our warehouse.

Step 3

Inspection and consolidation

We review, photograph and weigh each package at no cost and if you need it, we group everything into a single package to make the shipment. (We select the greater value between real and volumetric weight)

Step 4


Knowing the volume of the package, we inform you and send the Paypal payment request to proceed with the shipment.

Svg Vector Icons : Step 5


Once the payment is verified, we send you the tracking number.

courier Step 6


Receive your packages or shipments in 7 days or earlier at the door of your home or business.


How can we assist you today?

Our team is ready to provide you with the best care and resolve all your queries. Do not hesitate to write to us!