Quality Services

Free wharehouse service

Boost your business with our free warehouse service for 3 weeks! At Shipping China To USA we take care of your products and provide you with space at no additional cost.

Package Consolidation

Optimize your shipments with our package
consolidation! At Shipping China To USA, we
group your products in a single shipment,
saving you costs and simplifying logistics.

Paypal secure payments

Make secure payments with PayPal at Shipping China To USA. We accept this reliable platform to guarantee protected transactions and peace of mind in your purchases.

Express Service and door to door delivery.

Experience our lightning-fast Express Service, delivering your shipments from China to USA in just 7 days. Trust Shipping China To USA for swift and reliable logistics, ensuring your packages reach their destination with speed and efficiency..

Tracking and alerts

Stay informed with our comprehensive
tracking and alerts system. At Shipping
China To USA, we provide real-time updates
on the whereabouts of your shipments.
Receive notifications at every step of the
journey, ensuring full visibility and peace
of mind.

Door to door delivery

Experience our door-to-door delivery. Our one-stop service ensures your packages are shipped from China and delivered right to your doorstep in the US. Enjoy comfort and peace of mind as we handle all aspects of the logistics process.


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Our team is ready to provide you with the best care and resolve all your queries. Do not hesitate to write to us!